I’m an ordinary girl, who enjoys drawing, writing & helping those in need. I’m the type of person who’s  always smiling and quiet. I’m against discrimination of any type. And I think  being yourself is the best thing you could do for you and the people you interact with.

I am Guyanese. I grew up most my years in Guyana then later move to

Toronto, Canada. I lived there for a few years, finished high school and some university level. I attended the University of Toronto pursuing an Honours Degree in Human Biology but I’m currently working in a totally different environment from my studies at an institution for infromation technology.  It’s different but great because I’m learning a lot.


I was once a voluntary peer educator for a Wellness program at my university where I talked about the dangers of smoking and unhealthy habbits so I am totally against any type of unhealthy behaviour. Your health is your greatest wealth, and it’s so important that you protect it.

I enjoy a good laugh, humour and a great thoughtful conversation. I admire great dreamers who actually work to make them true. I am fascinated by people who put abundant amount of efforts into selfless acts.

Some day I wish to make a difference in the world.


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