10 annoying things that happens when you look younger than your actual age.

For my fellow little /shorties/ fun sized / petite people out there I’m sure some of these have happened numerous times to you. Don’t mind the rachetness. It’s what annoyance does to you.

1. Show your ID.
This is the biggest one. When you look like a teenager and you’re trying to buy yourself a bottle with the highest percentage alcohol after the most terrible day at work or the most heart wrecking break up and the least of your worries is to walk with a form of ID. Like who the heck are you to ask to see my ID? Are you a cop or something? Let me drown my sorrows in peace without having to recall how old I am and my life is still a mess. Same thing at clubs and casinos.

2. Shes a teen mom.
Seriously! This one is one of the most judgmental of all time. It’s very funny. You’re at the hospital, probably your first pregnancy and all you’re thinking of how are you going to manage the pain to push this one out while you have people staring at you as if you’re throwing away your future not knowing this is your future.

4. Go play with the other kids
I’m laughing here because this one still happens sometimes. When you’re out at family parties and your extended family whom you haven’t seen for over 10 plus years, fails to recall you’re an adult and expects you to go play with the younger kids because they think you’re all the same age. Or they’ll be having an “adult version” conversation and if you’re to pass by they’ll just change the topic.

5. Oh sorry for my language honey.
This one is related to the above. They’ll be talking and suddenly swear and apologize to you and you hysterically laugh because you probably used that word for the 10th time already in the day but you just go along with it and say “that’s okay”.

6. Getting hit on by everyone younger than you.
Attention is nice but when you think of the age difference you’re afraid you’ll be jailed for being a pedophile and left thinking why can’t you find someone your own age and cute.

7. What grade are you in?
What school do you go to? This one explains it self.

8. No sizes.
I’ll just shop in the kids section. Sometimes this happens. You’re so petite nothing fits which is why people are bound to thinking you’re a teenager because you never get mature looking clothes to fit you.

9. How old are you again? You’re kidding me.
People always do this. Whenever you are asked to give your age they’ll look at you as if you’re lying or you made a mistake and ask you to repeat yourself. Doctors, nurses, random people, idiots, extended family members.

10. I could think of one more but leave your number 10 in the comment below if you’ve ever experience this and how.

It’s annoying to have this happen to you but hey, look on the bright side, you will keep looking great when you’re really old and maybe then you will appreciate being hit on by the young fellas 😉

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