7 Excuses to use as to why you’re not married yet

I’m 26. Those who know this are constantly bringing up the usual “time to get married” conversation. The amount of times that have happened is uncountable and I’ve only been 26 for 2 months now. However, I think I got so accustomed to it now that I developed an immunity that just makes it sound like “blah blah blah 26 blah blah kids blah blah” while I think how can a person make 26 kids? Guyanese people long ago are known to make close to 20 kids. Think about spending 20 years of your life making babies. Wow that’s  crazy….oh sorry, where was I?
Yes, marriage. Excuses to use as to why you’re still not married.

1. “I’m furthering my studies right now and I don’t want it to cause me to neglect my husband/wife, kids or in-laws.” Note, show them you care about the well being of your family rather than letting them know a husband/wife and kids would cause you to neglect your studies.

2. “I didn’t find mr/mrs Right yet.” If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and they happen to understand they’ll know, they’re the right one but “now isn’t the right time.” Or maybe you both are waiting for a right time without people interfering in your business.

3. If you don’t  have a boyfriend /girlfriend repeat number 2 and mention “…but I’m looking and I don’t think I need help on this one.”

4. “What marriage? Now? I’m still so young.”

5. “I’m waiting on my boyfriend to propose. Don’t go pressuring him. You will push him away and then my chances will be close to zero and you don’t want that now, do you?”

6. “My boyfriend/girlfriend and I are having some difficulty/crises/hardship/etc. right now so we plan on waiting for a little.”

7. And if they’re still not off your case you can say, “I’m already planning my wedding. It will take a while. Weddings are alot of work right, but it’s getting there, you’ll know when.” 🙂

Jokes aside, there’s nothing wrong with being unmarried at 26/30 or you know what even 40. Everyone has their own preferences. I saw this as status updates from many of you on my social media sites lately and I was inspired to write this to let you know you’re not the only one. For one, I am older than most of you, I’m brown with parents and family members who are constantly asking the same thing — When? 
I believe everything happens at the right time and rushing it because of a number (yes age is just a number 😉 ) doesn’t really mean it will work out in the long run or ensure your happiness through out. Marriage is a huge deal and takes a lot of work before it and after it for it to last. So, not because you’re getting “old” or all your friends are married with kids, etc, you should rush it. Everything takes time. Those people that are already married, that was their time. Your time will come, soon. Just stay focus on making yourself the best version of you and one day everything will fall into place. 



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