12 Thoughts I, an overthinker had while travelling alone.

In Guyana people usually commute in smaller buses aka mini bus. Usually they have a conductor and a driver. The conductor would tell the driver where the passengers indicated him to stop. There isn’t a system where there are bus stops and the bus would come in a timely manner or a string to pull for your stop or basically like how it is in other countries. You can literally tell the driver to stop directly infront of your house given it’s on the main road or you wave to the bus to pick you up from your house.

Now if you have to commute late at nights there isn’t always a conductor; just a driver and you’d have to yell out to the driver where you want him to stop. That’s also not too bad. Unless you’re now the only one in the bus, it’s late and there’s no conductor, and the driver is being odd… yes your mind can wonder.

While coming home tonight it was definitely a roller coaster in my head. I stopped an empty bus from a far not knowing it was empty, so I contemplated on going in but I felt bad I made it stop for me and I wasn’t getting in, so I went in. It was alright the first 2 minutes until he wasn’t picking up anymore passengers although I saw a few that tried to stop him. So the entire bus ride home I was freaking out thinking:

1. This guy is going to kidnap my ass and the only weapon I have is my umbrella.
2. Yes, I’ll have to hit him in the head with my umbrella if he doesn’t stop where I asked him to.
3. I could jump out the window and sure, I’ll probably die doing so but that’s okay because no old “coolie” (guyanese) guy is going to try kidnap me.
4. I’ll definitely¬† have to “eff” him up with my umbrella.
5. Maybe I’ll just pretend I’m on the phone with my mother and just casually say the description of the bus really loud so he’ll know I’m on to him and won’t try to kidnap me.
6. Seriously, why isn’t he picking anyone else up.
7. I don’t trust this guy. He’s behaving super weird.
8. God take me home safely. I can’t be kidnapped.
9. I’ll text my sister and every one else that will look out for me if I don’t get home in time. Definitely not mom, she will freak the heck out.
10. Please pick up that lady!
11. Oh thank you God. I have a witness.
12. I’m about to get off but this lady will be the only one left…should I be scared for her?

Thankfully I wasn’t kidnapped and I’m sure the lady wouldn’t be either, but in my defense he was behaving oddly. But I laughed so hard after. Oh my wondering mind.


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