Why Blog?


Like always I take forever to post a new blog. This time I’ve been busy with classes and hopefully I’ll be teaching soon! So excited! I don’t even know what to write but I want to upload something so  I’m going to write about why I even blog.

Unlike other avid bloggers I don’t blog regularly or in a timely manner. I just blog whenever I feel like. Whenever I have an idea running through my head or whenever I’m happy or in a big mess and need advice. I basically write to myself. Now you might say that’s crazy which probably is but I suppose it’s less crazy than talking to myself. Seriously though, it’s not crazy nor am I a crazy person…although some ppl close to me might have different views…eek!

Nevertheless, I just trust myself and if I’m going to make a mistake it’s going to be entirely my fault and that way I’ll learn without always thinking a person is also to blame. Likewise, I know if someone is to ask me for advice about what I am going through I will definitely have a lot to say so by writing it down while thinking other people probably need the same advice I’ll be a help to both them and myself.

Basically, I blog for myself. I don’t need a schedule or deadline or an audience though I do get excited when I find people read my blogs even if they may or may not like it. I do whenever I feel to and what I say is genuinely from my heart and reflects who I am. I try to be funny sometimes, and I suck but if it makes you smile just a tiny bit, that’s all I need. I’m sorry if anyone who does read my blog looks forward to one and I never post any. But thank you soooo much, for stopping by I’ll try to at least once a month. Now that’s realistic. But do stop by other people’s blog right here on WordPress.  There are some really good ones!


– Happy reading 🙂

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