Live in the Moment

Everyday we use so much extra mental energy constantly thinking about the past, about what should have been or what we should have done or something along those lines. Or if it’s not about the past, we are definitely thinking about the future and the future consequences of our actions without taking the time to be in the present moment. We miss so many opportunities of seeing how incredibly beautiful a present moment is because we’re too caught up thinking of the unknown or something we can’t necessarily change.

Past: It’s gone. There’s no time machine to go back in time. Even though that would pretty be cool….I don’t think I like the idea of going back in time. Your past is what makes you who you are. Things happened in order for  you to become a stronger version of yourself before that certain event happened. If they didn’t happen you’d be someone else and I’m sure you like being you! And if not, then… I guess, you’re still stuck being you, which is totally awesome! ’cause you’re awesome. The key here is to accept that the past is gone and thinking about it constantly wouldn’t change it nor bring it back.

Future: It hasn’t happened yet. What is wrong with you? Why are you getting worked up with fear of what the future holds, losing your mental stability? That totally use to be me by the way and I hated it because (this probably happens with all of you) whatever you’re scared of is far from what’s really going to happen and it turns out even if you think of it in a positive light, you get something far better than what you were thinking. The key here is to, STOP WORRYING. Just be happy in the moment. Happy people are….well, ALWAYS happy. I read this quote today “the difference between ordeal and adventure is attitude” by Bob Bitchin. Take a minute to let that sink in.

The experience in life and the things that are supposed to happen are all for the best. It’s your attitude at present is what that really decides if that experience is a happy or sad one. If you go through life thinking about all the negatives, you’ll never see the good in every experience and ultimately however you choose to deal with the situation that’s the kind of person you’ll be, happy or sad.

It’s hard to forget the pain of old wounds or eliminate our fears of the future completely, but we shouldn’t let it take over so much time in our lives. We need to recognize how expectations and memories hold us back from being free and let go of yesterday and tomorrow and live in the moment. That’s the only way we can be free at peace and truly find ourselves.

Now being fully present in the moment isn’t that easy though. Our minds are constantly going at the speed of lighting to places where we’ve never been physically. And as my dad always says, “the mind is the hardest thing to control”. But how do you learn to tame that wild mind of yours you asked? Well, basically we need to eliminate stress from the body first. Things like breathing exercises and meditation are easy and fast ways of wiping away stress. Yoga for example, is a combination of controlled breathing, meditation and postures that helps to harmonize the body with the mind, relieving it from stress. Also some people, like me, being in nature automatically clears the mind and relieves stress. Whatever is your way of eliminating stress and calming your mind, do it, regularly. Start by pin pointing the times you’re most stressed and explore personal ways of dealing with it.

“When we encounter self-limiting thoughts or behavior, one second of detachment can supply a sufficient dose of neutrality to liberate hearts and minds and open the way to a brighter future.”



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