My Biggest Fear

I started writing this blog fully well knowing what I was going to write. As I wrote the first line…”One day, you’re….” I froze. I couldn’t finish. It’s supposed to start off as a scenario where I was happy and suddenly something happened and I lose something precious to me. It was supposed to allow you, my readers, to feel the intensity of the situation if you were put in that position, and really showing why this is indeed my biggest fear. But I couldn’t do it because it’s what I fear! My most gigantic, heart crushing, horrendous fear. Losing the ones close to me; my family.

Now I know you’ll say one day they’ll have to go, but I rather not focus on that but focus on the positives and enjoy the time spent with them to the fullest. It’s a hard thing losing the ones you genuinely and unconditionally love. I’ve seen it happen to people and it’s frightening to think it can some day happen to me.

However, with that all being said, fear is a given. Everyone fears something, big or small but how you deal with it is totally up to you. Don’t let it consumes you, or avoid you from living life. Certain things are inevitable. You can address it’s there but don’t dwell on it to the point where you stop focusing on the positives. And if it does ever happen you’ll have regrets or you’ll think about it so much, you continue building the fear to the point where it becomes detrimental to your health and ultimately your sanity!

It’s okay to be afraid, but its never okay to focus on the negatives all the time and ruin your happiness. So stay strong! Image


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