Beating the winter blues.

This past month, every time I go onto any social website all I keep seeing are complaints about the cold weather. So for this last couple of weeks before winter is over instead of turning up the heat and hibernating, here are some things you can do to embrace it 🙂

1. Have fun with a snow day! Get back in touch with your inner child and make a snow man and snow angels. Get the entire family involved and have a snow ball fight!

2. Rekindle your connection to the season by getting involved in winter activities! Revisit that old skating rink you used to go to every winter when you were a child. Go tobogganing!

3. Take a lesson. Nervous about going back on the ice or slopes? Treat yourself to a few beginners lessons. It will be fun and a safe!

4.  If you haven’t already, gear up! Make sure you have good quality gear to help you battle the freezing weather and enjoy being outdoors.

5. And finally make it social. Take a winter walk with friends or family to enjoy the crisp air and have fun taking pictures of the winter wonderland. Some of you Torontonians did an amazing job this past ice storm taking beautiful pictures despite the terrible weather conditions.

And if none of those cheers you up, don’t worry spring is coming!!! Soon this will be over and you’ll be complaining it’s too hot! 🙂



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