14 Things to do in 2014

Everyone makes resolutions in the New Year but hardly does anyone really stick to them or have the time to do them. I am one of those people, so I just quit making resolutions. My best friend and I usually make a motto for the year. Therefore, you don’t have to do a specific thing(s), but many things that falls under that category. Example, one year which I think was the best one especially at that time, it was “Fear not!”. We both needed to take risks and just do what we had to do to reach our goals. This year I will make a list but I wouldn’t exactly call it resolutions. They’re just simple things that will make me feel good and be a better person. No deadlines, no specific times, just everyday things you should do more of.

  1. Spend more time with parents.
  2. Do something for someone close to you letting them know how much they’re presence in your life have changed them.
  3. Make time to go to place of God (my case, temple).
  4. Say Thank You more often.
  5. Smile! Exchanging smiles with other will not only brighten their day but yours too.
  6. Volunteer…anywhere
  7. Give a donation to charity, anything/ amount you can afford
  8. Cook dinner for someone.
  9. Give someone close to you something special, just because.
  10. Devour in favourite dessert once in a while without worrying about anything
  11. Explore more veggie dishes and learn to make them.
  12. Sign up for events that will keep you active (Sports, Yoga classes, dance classes,etc)
  13. And this one might sound mean but, clean up all the clutter in your life from 2013.  From actual clutter in your home to and especially those people around you that just pulls you down.
  14. Do what makes YOU happy!

Here’s a link to last year’s new year’s blog, check it out. Basically the same thing applies for this year.




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