What have you been putting off doing? Why?


For a while now I’ve been putting off cleaning up my wardrobe. Not cause I’m lazy to do it, but because I need to get rid of things to make space for the newer things I bought. I know the simple, “Do I love it? Do I actually wear it? When did I wear it last? and Does it fit?” method, but I actually don’t like throwing out things, especially clothes, I might need later down. Yes that’s the mentality. “I’ll probably need it for something later down” which is usually never the case. I got stuff from over 10 yrs old in my closet, that I feel I’ll “need” sometime but I never do. Then I keep buying more and more stuff because every season there’s a new trend and I got no space to put it. So, I definitely need to get rid of some stuff, but I keep putting it off. Ughh.


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