Greatness is what we on the brink of

A blog post that is of greatness contains essentials of pure awesomeness!

Awesomeness is:

1. FUNNY. However, that being said, a sense of humor that is understood by everyone. Don’t want readers to say “I don’t get it?”

2. Illustrations. Who doesn’t like a picture book? Eye catching images always draws people attention. I will almost always like a post with pictures.

3. Be yourself. Don’t stray from who you are. Personal experiences makes a post more “believable” to readers. Makes them feel like they’ve been there too.

4. Has a lesson behind it. Blogs that make readers feel they didn’t waste time reading that but actually learnt something that can ultimately help them, are definitely great.

5. And finally, something new and different! Geez, don’t be boring! 😛

Happy blogging!

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