The World We Live In

The World We Live In. Article: Click here.

The article that made me sick to my stomach. I probably heard of worst things before, but I still can’t believe how cruel humanity can be. The article is extremely graphic and you might have to take break(s) but it’s a must read.

Things like these happen all the time in these and many other countries but are left untold. This is the 21st century, things like this shouldn’t be happening, people should know better. The parents are at fault as much as this lame excuse for a man. It’s so hard to fathom this man’s act. And the parents, they should have known better. I guess however, money makes people do crazy things.

It’s such a sad thing to happen to any child at any age. I really wish people in these countries be educated on issues like these and I really wish these people are blessed with some kind of compassion for each other especially their own flesh and blood.


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