The creature of mystery, fantasy and ultimate beauty!

Mermaids!The creature of mystery, fantasy and ultimate beauty - Mermaids!

These mythical creatures have been known to enchant people with its elegance and beauty for a very long time. They are depicted as aquatic creatures with an upper half human body and a lower fish tail. In some cultures or folklore, mermaids are depicted as perilous creatures while in others they are seen as benevolent, loving creatures. Although they are mythical, over the years there have been many stories about sightings and other contact with these creatures. There have been many art and literature made about mermaids. A very famous one is “The little mermaid” which depicts mermaids as been caring, human like creatures.

Whilst I was doing my drawing it got me thinking about them. Where I am from in Guyana, some people still believe in the existence of mermaids. We lived close to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean where fishermen would fish. Many of them claimed to have seen mermaids out in the sea while out fishing. I can remember when I was younger, my mother told me stories about them. They’re kinda implausible but I would like to share one, sort of personal, with you guys.

A long time ago, behind my house where I live presently, there used to be a huge and very deep pond. People from the village would go to the pond and filled buckets of water for drinking, washing and other domestic uses. Some people had claimed to have seen mermaids in the pond at nights. One day my grandmother went to the pond and before she filled her bucket she saw a shiny comb lying on the ground beside the pond. She picked it up and took it home. She was told it could be a mermaid’s since mermaid were depicted to have beautiful, long hair that they would be seen combing. It was also known that if you got your hands on a mermaid’s comb you can have anything you wished for as long as you make a deal with them. However, if you aren’t clever enough to make them “work” for you they can turn against you and ultimately kill you.

Later that night after bringing home the comb, she had a dream of a mermaid telling her she wants her comb back and she needs to give it back. With all the stories about mermaids breaking people’s neck and drowning them, etc, she got scared and took the comb back the next day to the spot she found it and never seen it or dreamt about it again. The End. It’s unconvincing, I know, but it makes a good story for those “story telling” times 😛

What’s your take on mermaids? Leave a comment! 🙂


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