Awareness: Breast Cancer

This month, October, is breast cancer awareness month. There are so many people who lost their lives to breast cancer, and many more currently coping with it, only hoping that a cure will be discovered soon.

Breast cancer starts in the tissue of the breast. It can be invasive, i.e. it can spread from the milk duct to other tissues or non-invasive, i.e. it has not yet spread to other tissues. Breast cancers are sensitive to the hormone, estrogen. That is, estrogen causes the breast cancer to grow. Over the course of your life time one in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer. Some unchangeable risk factors are, age and gender, family history, genes, and early start of menstrual cycle. Other risk factors include, alcohol use, radiation, obesity, child birth over the age of 30, hormone replacement therapy.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a scary thing for both the patient and family/friends. Although many people can be cured and the chances of being cured are getting better, being told that someone you care about has cancer is still often a big shock. Often times you are unsure how to react and consfused as to what you can say to that person without hurting them. You might feel that you have to do something but at the moment you don’t know what it is. What you need to realize though, is there isn’t any “right” thing to say or do. If you want to help someone, just the thought of wanting to help and offering to be there for that person is what really matters. Just being there and listening to them is the best support you can give them.

Unfortunate events happen to everyone at some point in our lives. That’s life, and we just have to deal with it. However, when that happens, it helps to know that your family and friends are there to support you. So this month, show the women in your life dealing with breast cancer or any type of cancer some love. Spend time with them and listen.

There are many organizations out there that are fundraising and working towards discovering the cure. If you want to show your support, join one of the breast cancer walk, or other type of fundraising or just donate whatever you can to an organization you trust.



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