The Distance

Long Distance Relationship

Many people are fearful of distant relationships because most of them do not work. Neither do some people believe in them. However, long distance relationships have become much easier these days due to increasing technology. Apart from the usual texting and calling, there are video calling, face time, skyping, etc. where you can actually see each other’s reactions and what they’re up to. However, even with these many innovative methods of communication, TRUST is the most important thing when in a LDR. If you’re thinking about being in a long distance relationship or already in one, here are some things to consider.

Lets start with the Cons:

  • Feeling Lonely & Lack of physical intimacy. Even though you’re with someone, sometimes in the relationship you’re going to feel lonely. You’re going to want to hold that person, cuddle with them, be with them but you really can’t.
  • Fights and misunderstandings: Its easier to get over a problem face to face, but when you’re in a LDR, and someone’s upset with you, they wouldn’t answer your call, reply to you text messages or emails. Conflicts would be unresolved for days or weeks or months.
  • Financial burden: Long distance is expensive, that is high phone bills and transportation cost to go see your sweetheart who might be million of miles away from you.

Are you sure you would survive?

Well here are the Pros:

  • In a long distance relationship, you get to know someone on a deep, meaningful level and you become emotionally attached. In common relationships, couples might see each other all the time, hang out and do stuff together but that doesn’t mean they really get to know and understand each other deeply. In a LDR, you spend hours just communicating and getting to know that person for them, about their past, why they’re the way they are, etc. This leads to a deeper more fullfilling relationship.
  • You learn to appreciate the precious moments you spend together and not take your relationship for granted. You might not get to see each other everyday but when you do, it’s really really special. You could just sit there and stare at each other enjoying that moment. Compare to a common relationship where you get to see each other all the time and little things like that is not so special and will be taken for granted.
  • Its really important for you to trust that person. When you’re in a LDR, you learn how to control your jealousy and not think crazy things and just trust that person. This builds a healthy foundation for your relationship. If you realize you can’t trust that person, no matter how hard you try or want to, that simply means your relationship is unhealthy to begin with – long distance or short distance.
  • And lastly you both get to spend a lot of time alone, focus on building your career, improving yourself, learning new thing and engaging in exciting opportunities that would enrich your life, and possibly make you more attractive and intriguing.

Long distance relationships aren’t for everybody especially those who prefers physical intimacy over emotional attachment. However, if you believe he/she is “the one” and no one else could make you feel that way, you will want to work your butt off to keep your relationship alive because just like any ordinary relationship, it takes huge amounts of effort, time, commitment, trust and mental maturity, emotional stability, courage and love for a long distance relationship to survive.


Good Luck!


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