Lately I started watching an Indian drama, yes I know lame, however, it was pretty interesting. There was a guy and a girl who fell in love and were eventually going to be married. However, the guy had a huge secret which he kept from the girl. Eventually, the girl’s mother found out about the secret and confronted him to tell her daughter the truth, but he doesn’t want to because he’s afraid he’ll lose the girl. So the mother decides to tell her daughter the truth but he denies it – HE LIED.

Situations like this happen all the time in reality, everyone lies, but my question is what’s the point of lying to someone you say you “love”? If you really LOVE them so much, then don’t you think they deserve to hear the truth? And don’t you think they’ll forgive you, if you’re honest? You might think you’re protecting them, or don’t want to make them mad, but eventually they will find out the truth. If it’s something that didn’t even made sense to lie about they will be even more angry because if you can lie about something so trivial, why wouldn’t you lie about something bigger? Over time the truth will come out and what you fear might happen will happen, not because of what you were hiding but because of your dishonesty.

You shouldn’t start a relationship based on a lie. One day the truth will come out and it will be unfavourable. If you are honest from the begining and your partner is open minded and you stay faithful, then whatever you’re hiding might not even be an issue. Be yourself, tell the truth, do the right thing, and one day you will find someone who will accept you for who you are, no secrets, no lies.

If you are currently lying in your relationship and that person really means something to you then go tell them the truth; Chances are they already know the truth and are just waiting for you to tell them because they trust that you will…soon. If you can’t tell them the truth then the love you say you have for them is not real. They deserve the truth and if they really love you for you, they will understand why you did it, maybe not at the set time but they will and you will definitely be rewarded for your honesty.

Lying never makes anything better, so if you want your relationship to last be truthful…. ALWAYS!


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