Being Sick Is No Fun!

I haven’t written a post in almost a month and wanted to do one today. However, I didn’t know what topic to write about or where to start. So I thought what more to write about than something I’ve been through.

Getting sick is not a good experience. My experience of being constantly sick was the worst. But that being said, it strengthen me and change my perspective on my health. My return to Guyana was, to me, an adversity. I hated it, but eventually I had to “man up” and accept the fact that I will have to be here for a while. It changed so much from when I left at the age of 14. I tried to adapt, but before I could I became sick.

I lost my appetite, I was nauseated, upset stomach all the time and was constantly losing weight. I had many visits to the doctors. My first visit to Dr. Harry I got a needle and some oral medication concluding I had a stomach flu. After using up all the medication, I was still sick. We went back again, and he prescribed more oral medication but this time I was given IV because I was dehydrated.

I was still feeling sick in my stomach but some days were good. Between that time I still had hopes of trying to restart but I became sick again. I went to a different private doctor, Dr. Budoo. He was amiable but very talkative. He sent me for different types of blood tests along with an xray. Nothing came up, except I had a low blood count and was again dehydrated. He then decided to send me for an H.Pylori test. The test came out positive. I had a stomach infection by the bacteria Helicobacter Pylori. I acquired it from something I ate after coming here. I was put on antibiotics, stomach coating medication along with acid inhibitors, vitamins and also a bag of IV for dehydration. After 3weeks I did a follow up visit and test still showed the infection, however, I was feeling much better and started getting back my appetite. After the second treatment, I was better.

One day my mom, sister and I went shopping. It was a hot, long day. The last store we went to before coming home was extremely hot. As I was walking to the exit of the store, my vision darkened, I felt my body becoming super heavy, I blacked out. It was for a short period (couple seconds), but as I came to my senses, I was on the ground. My sister came with a bottle of cold water, I drake it and after a while I was okay. We went home. I constantly became dehydrated every time because of the hot weather and not drinking enough water in a day.

One morning I awoke to so much pain in my entire body. I didn’t understand this feeling. Along with that, every time I would get up from a resting position (sitting, laying down) I would feel light headed and get a darkened vision for a few second, but I would be totally aware of what was happening. I was losing so much weight; Every morning I woke up crying because I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I was always tired from doing nothing, and feeling weak all the time. I developed a phobia and didn’t want to come out of my house because I was afraid of fainting again.

I decided to tell my parents and they took me to a well known private hospital, Woodlands Hospital. After many blood tests, heart tests, ultrasound and xray, I was diagnosed with Dengue Fever. Its viral infection which is spread by mosquitoes. I know, gross. However, this explains the low blood count, weakness/sleepiness, and dehydration. I was admitted to the hospital for three days for immediate intravenous treatments. We paid for a private room. I had one of these (picture below) in my hands for three days (ouch!) It’s called a Cannula, I think. However, it was a better alternative, rather than having to pierce through my skin (3times a day) to find a vein for the treatment and also because I was on constant IV to recuperated for the dehydration.


The second night I still had the IV connected through the apparatus. As I fell asleep, the IV slipped out from the apparatus and there was a back flow of blood. While sleeping I felt something wet in my hand so I woke up. My sister stayed with me that night so I woke her up and told her to put the lights on. We were both surprised! There was blood everywhere. On the bed, the pillow, the ground, even some on my slippers. My sister ran to get the nurse, while I turned off the stopper on the apparatus to stop the blood from flowing. The nurse came asked if I was okay and took the IV away. As she was cleaning up the blood, I freaked out thinking “OMG so much blood, I lost, I could of died!”, but I kept my cool 😛

The next morning I was the “talk” at the hospital. My sister said all the night shift nurses were telling the day shift nurses about what had happened. There were also a couple infront of my room talking about it. I was not given anymore IV. It was a scary experience, and yes I could of bleed to death if I didn’t wake up or if someone didn’t come. However, after 3 days after my treatment was over, the Monday morning I was allowed to go home with some oral medications. I started feeling better after a week.

It is important to take good care of your health, eat clean, healthy foods, drink enough water, exercise and try to prevent getting sick. After my experience I try eating healthy, drinking more water in a day and try to avoid mosquito areas and other insect bites, use insect repellent and most importantly stay hydrated. Your health is the most important wealth you can acquire, try your best to make time to take good care of your body.

Yes, I am all good now! 🙂


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