Communication, Fights, Bonding

I know as of late I found myself writing alot about relationships. No, I’m no relationship expertise, clearly I too need help! However, there are certain things everyone should know about relationships. That key word, COMMUNICATION. The exchange of thoughts, messages or information through different means like speech, writing, signals or behaviour.

In any relationship, it is important to communicate your thoughts and feelings for a better understanding of each other. The relationship with a mother and her children is an unexplained, but an incredibly beautiful one, seeing how a mother can understand her child just by their behaviour. Siblings & best friends communicate in ways that are only known to them and hard to comprehend by outsiders. I love the fact that my sister and I can just look at each other from across a room and totally understand what each other’s thinking. No matter the relationship and the style of communication, they all flourish and grow with communication.

My main focus today is Couple’s Relationship. Yes everyone knows it, but not everyone understands it. Many couples use most of their time trying to figure out how to communicate rather than actually communicating. Communication is such a crucial step to building a stronger relationship with your significant other. First off, apart from that initial attraction phase, the looks, it begins with communicating. No, it not just me, I’m sure 90% of all love relationship initially begin with “Oh he/she is cute, I want to know more”. However, after that, talking and having long conversations with each other gets you to know more about that person, their personality, their likes and dislikes, their past, etc; Spending time with each other, you communicate through feelings and body language; And comprehend how they deal with certain situations. That’s what keeps the relationship going not the looks.

I strongly feel that communication between partners need to be continuous and consistent. If there is a lack of communication for a long period of time, one person is bound to feel neglected and would definitely think the other person doesn’t care any more. This leads to….


Though fighting seems like a bad thing, it isn’t always a bad thing. Obviously, there is a limit to everything, but fighting is inevitable and normal in any healthy relationship. A relationship doesn’t always run smoothly so there are definitely going to be disagreements, if not then you should be worried. When there is a fight it makes your partner’s dislikes about you or about the things you do, known. Usually, it’s always about something you’re not doing or about you putting less effort into the relationship or just about anything.

As I’ve said before, relationships are hard work and a full-time job, therefore you have to be present at all times. It may sound difficult but the rewards are highly worth every effort, given it’s with the right person. Here’s the key though, nobody likes fighting, so if the issue is about something you can change, change it, don’t continuously keep fighting about it. If it’s something you can’t change, learn to accept it, or show your significant other why you can’t change it and how to accept it.

The other main thing is, when there is a problem in a relationship, COMMUNICATE, talk about it, clearly state what you mean. Often times the way we say certain things gets taken the wrong way adding to a greater problem. After you talk about it, get to a resolution, agreement or compromise. DON’T WALK AWAY from it and expect for it to go away when you get back, because it definitely will not go away and usually makes the person more angry or eventually leading to them leaving also. So fight for your relationship, communicate and love hard.


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