Keys to a better Relationship

Meeting someone is the first step of building an intimate relationship. Whether you met at school, a party, work or where ever, it is the beginning. Getting to know the person is a key step in any relationship. Before you start dating you should at least get to know that person well. Many times people get into relationships without knowing what the other is about which is one of the main reason for short relationship and fast breakups. If you already know what a person is about before dating, you would know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

After finally getting to know that person and taking that next step to getting closer, we would label our relationship. Being in a relationship is a lot of work. Everybody talks about wanting that ideal relationship but not everyone is willing to work for it. Speaking from experience, a relationship last longer because two people make the choice of keeping it, fighting for it and working for it. Many people I encounter talk about how those “good relationships” are hard to find these days and all people care about is having a one night or they’re just in it for the sex. That is true in many cases, that’s why it’s a good step to know what the other is about before thinking of a future with them thus, saving yourself from hurting. In my opinion however, if people actually really wanted that “good” unconditional, long-lasting relationship, they should make the effort to be that change, and be the person willing to be committed and seek partners who has those same views.

Here are just a few ways you can work with to maintain a better relationship:

1. Always make time for your partner. No matter how busy someone is, if they really care about you, they will definitely make some time for you.

2. Continue showing affection through out. Not because you already have that person in your life means you will stop showing them how much they mean to you.

3. Give your attention. When you’re with your partner, give them all of your attention. Put your phone away. Make eye contact. Be supportive.

4. Be focused. Actively listen. If you’re not focused on your partner you might be unable to pick up important details that might cause future misunderstanding and causing your partner to feel isolated.

5. Be appreciative. Saying “thank you” and making a genuine effort to show how grateful you are for whatever your partner does for you means a lot which in turns makes them wanting to continue doing it.

6. Talk about what bothers you. If you don’t like something your partner does, rather than just trying to deal with it on your own and letting it bottle up inside, you should take the time to talk about it together hence leading to an agreement or a compromise. Sometimes the other person doesn’t know what they’re doing wrong. It’s your job to tell them rather than getting mad and hoping for them to magically know what’s bothering you.

7. Be Open. A successful relationship is built on trust, respect and understanding. You being open with your partner assures them that you trust them and they will automatically want to be open with you, thus building mutual trust.

8. Say sorry. Admit you are wrong when you are. We aren’t perfect people, everyone make mistakes. Do not expect your partner to agree with you for everything.

9. Explore a common interest together. Doing things you both enjoy together not only maximizes the time you spend with each other but builds a stronger bond between the two of you and gives you something to talk about and look forward to.

10. Be physical. This is not the most important, but it is definitely one of the important aspect in any intimate relationship. Simple gestures like holding hands, cuddling or a peck on the cheek goes a long way to building affection which builds attraction and ultimately leading to intimately pleasing each other.

No relationship should follow a guideline, it should come naturally however, sometimes we are too busy with our lives, we forget how important certain things are in a relationship. If one really cares for someone, they would take time out of their busy schedule to work on their relationship and show how much they care. The main key is simply making the other person happy.


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  1. Addition: #11. Keep it in the bedroom: Every couple fights. Some fights end quickly. Some take time. Regardless of how long they go, you need to keep it between the two of you. Do NOT involve friends and family. It’ll only make you two drift apart from each other in the long run.

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