Valentines’ Day 12

As much as us optimistic single people try to hide the fact that we don’t care about today and it’s just an ordinary day, we wouldn’t mind having flowers delivered to our house or work from someone who romantically loves us.

I spent today away from every couples! Not that it was some kind of task or anything nor do I have anything against couples. It just happened that I didn’t run into any mushy lovey – dovey couples scenes today like all the past years. Which was great!However, that being said, I still I love seeing people in love and happy. It’s just that today is the type of day when you realize that everyone is professing their love either fake or real or doing cute things for each other and you just awkwardly feel like the “odd one out”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m contentedly happy being single, but as advertised and hyped, today just makes you feel like you’re totally incapable to keeping a romantic relationship.

Apart from avoiding couples, some people go to so many lengths, to the utmost altitude of their ability to down grade this day either calling it Singles Awareness Day or just down right hate on every couples they see. I have this one friend who posted a link ( on Facebook about the massacre that took place on February 14th, 1929. Now that’s a great mood kill! Although, I’m pretty sure it was meant to be funny. Could you have imagined if he was serious? Now that would be an absolutely depressed single dude.

We understand your feelings but that doesn’t mean, because you’re sad, means everyone else should be miserable. You really are not obligated to be sad today because you’re single. It’s just an ordinary day, that not only couples but everyone in general choose to overly express their love which they probably have been doing all year round. So if you were sad and bummed about being single this year, next year follow these tips.

1. Play secret Valentine: you and your friends can exchange gifts that way you won’t feel bad about not having any presents while everyone else does.

2. Pamper yourself: buy yourself something you always wanted, or go on a spa date alone or with friends.

3. Give you mom and dad a valentines’ gift. I’m sure you’ll “feel the love” when you see the look on their faces.

4. Volunteer at a shelter, orphan, etc: Giving back and helping others always gives pleasure and feelings of love and warmth.

5. Entertain your other single friends by throwing a party or just go out for dinner. Show everyone you’re happy being single because you’ve got great friends. 🙂

Happy Valentines’ Day Everyone!

Cheers ❤


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