After sleeping in passed 12, I awoke to a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Sunny with cool winds is the weather many of us enjoy, and it was exactly that today.

I went to the bathroom, brushed and took a shower. I got dressed and went straight to our home mandir. Every sunday morning I make it my duty to wake up and offer a prayer. I think its essential to pray everyday, no matter the religion. Counting our blessings and thanking God for them is essentially what makes a person happy, instead of contemplating on what we don’t have and what material things we want.

My neighbours were playing loud music, but it wasn’t at all a nuisance, I enjoy it. As I sit on my balcony writing this blog, I feel at ease. I reminisce on all the good time I’ve had and all those who have made me smile. I love those people who, no matter the situation, would always brighten your day. They’re filled with all this positive energy that unfurl to everyone they surrounds themselves with. Its amazing!

Even if you’re not having a day like mine with amazing weather and happy music, I hope you make the best of your day. Do something you enjoy. Make plans with someone you enjoy spending time with . If that’s not possible, spend the day with yourself, explore your abilities or innate talent. Try dancing, singing, drawing, take pictures of things you like or make a video or simply write a blog! 🙂

Happy Sunday Everyone!



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